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What Are People Saying About Charity?

"Charity and I sat in together on many audition sessions and callbacks for the movie I directed.  As an actor herself, she was able to pick up on nuances in our casting sessions that helped us make more informed decisions about who to cast.  She was always patient with me, energetic with the actors, and gracious with all.  Her professionalism and work ethic are unparalleled.  Simply put, Charity is just the best."                                                                   -Erik Parks (Director of Why We Breathe)

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"I absolutely love working with Charity when casting my films.  She's got a great eye for talent, is well-connected, and is an efficient and superb communicator.  My favorite talent to work with almost all were introduced to me through her -- She's always a part of my dream team when assembling a film!"    

                -Jonathan Everett (Director of The Last Laugh)


"For over a decade I’ve worked with Charity Spencer, who has continually provided me with amazing talent both new and known. Most recently, Charity was the casting director on a feature film I directed which required a huge cast of diverse and specific characters. Charity was quick to meet my wild and often ridiculous dreams with innovative casting options that fulfilled narrative goals I didn’t even know I had at the time! It was as if she reached into my head and materialized the very characters through these incredible actors. Charity truly elevated the material of the film and kept me hopeful and inspired during the casting process, which can be grueling and tedious. Charity has been the casting director on nearly all my films and I’ve felt extremely blessed to have her in such a pivotal role; I will be glad to work with her for decades to come!"

                    -Hunter Perschbacher (Writer/Director of Day 7)

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